Spend your final days in the
privacy of your own home,
surrounded by

your loved ones

Palliative care at home

Receiving and processing a diagnosis of terminal illness can stun and overwhelm even the hardiest of mortals. Suddenly, you’re faced with the prospect of accompanying a loved one through one of the most significant and often devastating periods of his or her life. Your physical and emotional energy will begin to waver. You’ll increasingly feel the need for support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is the point where we can intervene with compassion and plenty of love.

The mission of the people who work under our agency is to provide comfort and relief. Not only in the form of emotional and moral support, but also in other ways, such as housekeeping, personal care and companionship.

Ask for direct assistance or assistance in partnership with a palliative care agency or healthcare provider. We offer home palliative care that’s personalized according to the beliefs and needs of your family.

Our ultimate objectives

  • To help your family make the most of their time together. These are important private moments filled with a mixture of sorrow, humor and love.
  • To lessen the moments of frustration and burnout.
  • To offer respite so you can rest and recover your strength.
  • To reassure your family by providing relevant information and helping them to anticipate the different phases of the palliative care process.
  • To provide support after the loved one’s death.
  • By guiding the family through the stages of grief
  • By helping the family organize and move the personal effects of the deceased
  • By being there for family members who need someone to talk to

If you’re feeling helpless, don’t be afraid to surround yourself with compassionate professionals who can guide and support you

The final days of life can give rise to moments that are harrowing and filled with emotion. Our discreet, caring support will allow you to be with your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of his or her own home until the time comes to say goodbye.

Offering support to families every step of the way

We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can hire a caregiver on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, depending on your family’s needs. Whether for personal support or nursing care, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly accept the responsibility so you can focus on what matters the most to you.