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Getting in-home aid to perform personal grooming with dignity

These days, for most seniors, aging safely and preserving their independence in the comfort of their own home is a priority—not only for them but for their families, too. However, being self-sufficient and capable of performing regular everyday activities such as housework, cooking and personal hygiene can become increasingly difficult. In fact, various factors, including advanced age, health problems, physical limitations and illness, can limit seniors’ capacity to carry out these habitual tasks.

In these specific cases, it’s possible for them to get in-home assistance, including assistance with personal grooming, allowing them to maintain their dignity.

In-home personal grooming care

Among in-home care services, personal grooming assistance is essential. It enables seniors to ensure that they maintain good hygiene. Indeed, in-home personal grooming care is vital for preserving seniors’ health, comfort, safety, well-being and dignity.

Did you know that, among all of the available home care services, assistance with personal grooming is the one that seniors and their families most often request?

This delicate care involves an intimate moment between the caregiver and the person receiving assistance. That’s why the professionals who perform in-home personal grooming care are qualified, trained, experienced and respectful. Furthermore, personal grooming must be performed in accordance with the pace, the habits and, obviously, the capabilities of the person receiving assistance in order to build a trusting relationship with the caregiver and to preserve the privacy and guarantee the well-being of the client.

In-home personal grooming assistance with dignity

In-home personal grooming assistance takes place in a comfortably heated room in an atmosphere that’s calm and inviting. The professional provides this assistance in keeping with basic standards of hygiene and with regard for the senior’s modesty. It includes various personal care services, of which the primary ones are as follows:

  • Personal grooming in bed, at the sink, in the shower or in the tub, during which the professional systematically washes every area of the client’s body with soap and water (at a pleasant temperature) and then covers the client to prevent him or her from feeling cold
  • Personal hygiene, such as applying cream
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing
  • Oral hygiene
  • Haircare
  • Incontinence care (changing protective garments and assisting with personal hygiene, if necessary)
  • Cleaning up the bathroom afterwards

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